Laden Evenementen
Dit event is voorbij. spreads the truth about what happens to animals in the meat, dairy, egg, fur, hunting, and vivisection industry by showing undercover footage made by the organisation Animal Rights and other organisations.
Participants will hold laptops and tablets showing this footage. Others will hold signs or do outreach and hand out information on how to go vegan. is a DIY grassroots action group. No racism, sexism, discrimination, homophobia, speciesism, classism, violence and or aggression.

Please bring your laptop/tablet with the footage on it!
Link for the footage:
Download VLC:

Location & Time:
Intersection Hermanus Boexstraat/Nieuwstraat/Markt, Eindhoven.
17:45 – 22:00

We will provide outreach material, signs, and masks. Masks are not obligatory!
Dresscode: Wear what you want!

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The future is vegan!
The team.