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The Healing Power of Food weekend
with Wieke, Horriah and Valentina Nelissen

What a person eats every day is a very important aspect of how his or her health will be in every day as well as later life…
Scientific studies by world’s leading Food Nutritionists about the macrobiotic vegan way of eating come out with very positive
results and are clear indicators that people need to take a critical look at their food pattern with the intention of making changes now, towards a natural and healthy way of eating. The outcome is that it is the highest time to change our food pattern in order to avoid chronic and degenerative diseases. The macrobiotic vegan way of eating is officially now seen as one of the very best preventive food patterns ever designed. Tasty, culinary and healthy, and beneficial for all ages.

This weekend will make clear for you what food causes, which sicknesses, how to prevent illness and how to improve your health. The cooking classes and workshop will focus on healing macrobiotic vegan cooking for modern diseases, such as heart and coronary problems, cancer, arthritis, allergies, overweight, diabetes, and different women’s health issues.

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