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Working Together to Restore the Earth – Healing the Earth & Human Spirit
Amsterdam, Tuesday July 2 2019, 18:00 21:00h
Meet up and networking event with John Dennis Liu (Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement)

Registration required – see details bellow.

We are living in a very important time for humanity. For thousands of years of history and prehistory human beings have understood and valued the things we made higher than the natural systems that created, constantly filtered and continuously renewed the atmosphere, the hydrological cycle, the soil fertility and the amazing biodiversity on the Earth. The consequences of this human choice have manifested as biodiversity loss, deforestation, desertification, toxic pollution and climate change (among other calamities)…

There is so much we can do but it requires us to do more than just click “Like”. We need to physically restore the Earth and Ecosystem Restoration Camps movement all over the world is the method to do this inexpensively and effectively.

Join this event, meet John in person, connect, exchange and network with like minded people and learn the 5 simple practical steps towards Healing the Earth & Human Spirit.

18.00 – 18.45 registration & light vegan refreshment
18.45 – 19.00 welcome and introduction
19.00 – 20.00 ecosystem restoration – latest news from restoration projects around the world by John Liu
20:00 – 20:30 how to get involved: practical down-to-earth knowledge & networking exchange with focus on the Netherlands
20:30 – 21:00 Q&A with John and active dutch restoration pioneers
21:00 – 21:30 free discussion and departure

Event details
Register your spot (max. 50 people):
1. Through Facebook event
2. Email:
3. Call/message or whatsapp: 06-23165634 Karel Becvar

Location & travel direction
Vegan Today Studio at Poortland 196, 1046 AH Amsterdam.
Public transportation: Bus 231 (14+7min., stop at Aberdaan & walk for 7min.), leaving 17:14 from Sloterdijk + every 15min
Coming by car? Free parking available at and nearby the studio.

Entrance is on donation basis at the event, starting at Euro 7,50.
Your contribution will be exclusively used to fund the costs of location, vegan drinks & refreshment, folder printing and the Ecosystem Restoration activities in the Netherlands.

Call (after 13.00h) or whatsapp: 06-23165634 Karel Becvar

How can I learn more about ecosystem restoration and prepare for this event?
about the Ecosystem Restoration Camps:
FB: Ecosystem Restoration Camps
Instagram: ecosystem.restoration.camps
Twitter: @ecorescamps
FB page Spain camp: Ecosystem Restoration Camp Altiplano
FB group Netherlands: Ecosystem Restoration Camps Netherlands
FB group International movement: Ecosystem Restoration Camps

Learn more about John’s work:
John Dennis Liu archive:
TEDx talk at Wageningen University, 16 min.,
Hope in a Changing Climate, 29 min.,
VPRO Backlight: Green Gold, 48 min.,
The Great Work of Our Time, 46 min.,
What If We Change: Forests of Hope, 27 min.,
Lessons of The Loess Plateau, 53 min.,

Together we can restore the Earth!
Join the movement now and become a supporting member of the organization: